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Back to the basic question: What is exactly Microblading?

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Initially, eyebrow microblading (embroidery) is a method for people with thin, unclear eyebrows. With this method, a microblading artist will use specialized tools to create individual eyebrows interspersed with the customer's true eyebrows, helping to bring natural, soft-looking eyebrows. The fine blades used in microblading are just a light glide on the skin so it is less painful and bleeding. Moreover, the face looks more natural than the tattoo method, it’s soft and harmonious. Although it is not a permanent makeup like traditional tattoo, the microblading inks can stay well up for 18 months. .

This method requires the person skilled in the art to have a good eye to create a charming harmony. More importantly, this method requires you to look for reputable establishments. At our salon in London, you can be reassured that you are looked after by one of the best artist with rich art background who is certified by PhiBrows, a leading academy in microblading technique.

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